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Keynote: building support for the forest

The campaign

Situated on the eastern border of Poland, the Bialowieza forest is unique. It's one of the last remaining parts of the great ancient forest that once stretched across all of lowland Europe.

The coalition campaign to protect the forest from a surge in commercial logging brings together ngos including Greenpeace and WWF and has gained international attention, using tactics ranging from peaceful direct action, protest marches, petitions to legal challenges.

Following the successful pro-choice fightback 'Czarny Protest' last year, and the recent protests against the Polish government's plans to put the courts under its control, we're looking forward to hearing Kasia's insights into the challenges for activists of campaigning in a high-stakes, polarized context, how the forest campaign has worked to build broad support and surprising alliances, and the opportunities for popular movements to work together to push for change.

Kasia Jagiełło @KaJagiello

Recently named one of the fifty most influential women in Poland, Katarzyna (Kasia) is a campaigner and biodiversity expert with Greenpeace Poland. She is currently working on the campaign for the protection of Bialowieza Forest as well as for the protection of bees in Poland and the EU, and was co-founder of Greenpeace's award-winning 'Adopt a Bee' project, which uses the emotional appeal and simple mechanisms of crowdfunding to raise money for activism, and also take supporters on a journey to connect simple concrete actions with wider, systemic issues.

Kasia is a member of the Ecological Farming council affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, and an initiator of the grassroots anti-GMO movement in Poland. Diving instructor, interpreter, traveller, activist.

"I will not stop campaigning, until the whole territory of Bialowieza Forest is protected as a national park."