Logistics and FAQs

This year's event takes place at ufaFabrik Berlin.


The sustainable oasis of culture in Berlin-Tempelhof

bird view on ufaFabrik

UfaFabrik is located in the south of Berlin.

From Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) take the S-bahn to Friedrichstr. Bhf (Berlin) and change to the U6 in the direction Alt-Mariendorf. Get out at the station called Ullsteinstraße. From there it is only a 5-minute walk to the venue.

The address: Viktoriastraße 10-18 / 12105 Berlin / Tempelhof

The ufaFabrik Story

good old times ufafabrik

When Berlin was divided after the war, the UFA film labs were separated from the studios, now in East Germany, and the historic building was slated to be demolished. A group of young enthusiasts saw an opportunity to implement their ideas for a community-oriented, and environmentally-friendly way of life. They took over the 18,500 square metre tract in June 1979 to put it “back in action” peacefully. This was the beginning the of self-governing work/life project known today as the “International Culture Centre ufaFabrik Berlin”.

Approximately 30 residents and over 180 employees come together to live, work, and share their cultural, creative, and social lifestyle with one another. Internationality, sustainability, self-reliance, and self-realization have always been the ideals of ufaFabrik, and the way in which members not only approach each other, but their neighbours as well - long since before “work-life balance”, “networking”, and “sustainability” were the hot cultural buzzwords.


We have rooms block-reserved 27-29 November at the nearby Hotel Alt-Tempelhof. These can be booked via email by 30 September, 2019. You're of course welcome to make other accommodation arrangments if you prefer. Use the code: "ECF Europe 2019" Email: info@alt-tempelhof.com

Standard room: €99.00 (€109.00 double) Comfort room (same but quieter as facing an inner courtyard, instead of the main road): €109.00 (€119.00 double) Breakfast: € 15,-- extra (but we offer breakfast at the venue)

There is a very small amount of accommodation on site, normally reserved for speakers/event team, but if you have access or mobility needs that mean you're not able to walk far, please let us know and we can investigate whether we can accommodate you on site.)

Frequently asked questions

What is ECF?

The eCampaigning Forum (ECF) community is a loose vibrant network of practitioners using digital media for campaigning (advocacy) and fundraising. Participants share expertise and experience via participatory events, run using the tried-and-tested Open Space methodology, and an active email list. Find out more here.

Who can attend ECF events?

ECF is a community of campaigning and fundraising practitioners, so it's important that we bring together a group of people with experience and expertise to share. That's why we ask you to apply, and to tell us about your experience on your application form. We recognise that people may have different contributions to make - if you're bringing experience from another career, or from activities you pursue in your personal rather than professional life, do tell us about it if you think it could be useful to fellow changemakers.

As event organisers, our objective is to curate an event which is an interesting, stimulating, and sometimes challenging learning experience, in an environment which supports participants to be open about their challenges and problems as well as share their successes. We reserve the right to decline an application if we feel that a given participant is not a good fit for the event and could undermine the experience for others.

Why is the agenda so empty?

What makes ECF different to most other events you'll attend is that we build the agenda together. That way, you can take an active role in hand-crafting exactly the event you want or need right now. For 20 years now, ECF events have been using the Open Space methodology to build an agenda which is unique to, and formed around, the participants themselves. Other parts of the agenda, such as presentations and workshops are also scheduled according to participants proposals in the run up to the event, so keep an eye on the online agenda and items will be added as time goes on. This also means you have space to showcase your own work, try out or develop a workshop, or run sessions or presentations that you'd like the chance to share with peers. You can propose sessions as part of the application process, or during the run up to the event.

Find out more about Open Space!


Is the venue accessible?

The UfaFabrik 'Theatersaal' building is wheelchair accessible via ramp, and there is a ground-level accessible toilet. However, some of the rooms are accessed via stairs. If you have access needs we can work with you to make sure that the sessions you want to attend are allocated to accessible spaces - let us know on the application form.

Are you able to accommodate special diets?

Catering for the event is vegan. Just let us know on the application form if you have any allergies or special requirements.