European Climate Foundation

Keynote: Climate communications: how do we talk about climate change in ways that inspire action?

The issue

Climate change affects everyone, and tackling it requires a response right across society, from people of different faiths, nationalities and political views. But what if the ways we talk about climate aren’t just failing to get through. What if they’re even making things worse?

Climate Communications - Sarah Hurtes, European Climate Foundation at ECF Europe 2018 from more onion

Sarah talked us through the latest thinking and research on how to talk about climate issues in ways that break out of the activist/environmentalist bubble, and using language, imagery and approaches that drive action and change, with lessons for campaigners no matter what your field.

Sarah Hurtes

Sarah Hurtes is Media Associate at the European Climate Foundation, leading the work on health, food or humanitarian issues for ECF's strategic communications network. French born and South African raised, Sarah also works as a journalist, with prior communications roles within different institutions, including coordinating campaigns whilst working for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, global outreach strategies for the European Women's Audiovisual Network in Paris and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Womens office based in India.