Supporter journeys

Training Day: How to design and execute brilliant email supporter journeys

The training

To get people campaigning for you, giving money and engaging in your cause, you first need to build a relationship. And unless you have time to invite everyone for tea, that means brilliant email journeys. In this training we’ll build a strong understanding of how to design and implement supporter journeys that help you achieve your goals. We’ll start by stepping back to understand your audience and clarify your goals, before designing cohesive email ‘journeys’ that allow you to make real impact.

"Fantastic day that helped me understand what makes a great supporter journey and how to create them. Claire's expertise and suggestions were invaluable. I came away buzzing and with lots of ideas I've already put into action!" Louise Penman, Time to Change

Date: Wednesday 27th November 2019
Time: 10:00-16:00
Venue: UfaFabrik, Berlin
Price: €350+VAT (including lunch)
Terms and conditions can be seen here.

Topics covered

  • Understanding and segmenting audiences
  • Setting clear goals for your supporter journeys
  • Planning your journeys
  • Executing your journeys (incl. automation)

Who is it for?

This training is suitable for anyone who is involved in the planning or execution of supporter/donor/campaigner communications by email. Whether you’re thinking about putting together your first supporter journeys or if you’re an experienced mobiliser looking to sharpen your plans and implementation, this session is for you.


In the morning

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Discussion: How are you handling journeys and what are your goals for the day
  • Intro: What is a supporter journey and how do I know if it's working
  • Audiences: Who are you talking to and why? How to unify, segment and analyse needs
  • Barriers: What are they and what are the possible solutions
  • Engagement: The missing piece

In the afternoon

  • Pulling it all together: Building the journeys
  • Automations: How automated emails can help
  • Case studies: How others are doing it, successes and failures

Clare Donner

Claire Donner is a Strategy Consultant with the digital mobilisation agency ‘more onion’, having previously worked in the campaigning and mobilisation teams at Cancer Research UK, ActionAid, Greenpeace, and Amnesty International. She specialises in helping charities and progressive not-for-profits to optimise their online supporter communications to achieve campaigning, fundraising, and awareness raising goals. She is the author of number of reports including: ‘Great supporter journeys and how to automate them’, ‘Optimising email opt-ins in (light of GDPR)’, and ‘How to write great campaign emails’. Claire has spent much of the past few years focusing on developing and optimising a range of automated supporter journeys to take brand new supporters and turn them into engaged campaigners and donors.

Lena Rieger

Lena brings communications and design experience and expertise from around the world. She's worked for NGOs and delivered independent projects in Germany, Austria and Brazil, and worked agency-side in South Africa, and has studied media communications and Eco-Social Design in Germany and Italy. She now provides campaign and design consultancy to more onion's German clients, including BUND, NABU and WWF.